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Comparison of SLBT's Translation Process to Other Translation Companies

If a client uses a larger translation company, that client is paying for:

  • Expensive office rent (often times in a major city center), presentation and other forms of overhead;
  • Support/administrative/marketing staff;
  • One to two translators, plus one to two proofreaders, plus one to two project managers, plus one to two editors…

If a client uses SLBT, that client is paying for:

  • Built-in support/administrative/marketing staff (two-person husband and wife team);
  • One translator, who at the same time acts as his own proofreader, project manager and editor (four functions for the price of one!)

You might ask: Isn’t it better for four people to work on a project instead of than one? Not necessarily. During medical operations, often only one surgeon operates. At trial court proceedings, one judge normally presides. We know of no compelling reason why a translator who is also sufficiently diligent about proofreading, project management and editing cannot handle all four jobs at once!

Our result: greater accuracy and consistency, a more polished work product and higher probability of a better outcome!