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As a certified Florida and licensed Texas court interpreter, Zel Saccani has gained valuable interpreting experience in both formal and informal settings, including in the following modes of interpreting:

  • Simultaneous interpreting (interpreting what speakers say as they speak);
  • Consecutive interpreting (interpreting what speakers say based on notes taken);
  • Over-the-phone interpreting (interpreting on the phone); and
  • Escort interpreting (less-formal interpreting for a specific person or group).

Saccani combines both language proficiency and in-depth knowledge of social science-related subject areas such as law, business, politics, history and economics.

This combination, along with his honed listening ability and public speaking skills, makes Saccani an effective asset when choosing an interpreter for legal or business settings.

To view Saccani’s active Texas court interpreter license, click here.
See license number 1601 on page six of the PDF file.

To view Saccani’s active Florida court interpreter license, click here.
See license number 10-00145 SPA on page seventeen of the PDF file.